Tag: Funerals

A shift to environmentally-friendly funeral options

08:00 Wed, 6 Sep

Regardless of what form a funeral takes, calls for more environmentally-friendly options is a trend that many in the funeral industry predict will continue to...

Final farewells becoming more personal

08:00 Tue, 5 Sep

Among emerging trends reported by funeral directors, there is an increasing involvement of family members, growing demand for more personalised services, and a greater embrace...

Considerate commemoration

09:00 Mon, 4 Sep

Memorials can take many forms, from grand statuary in a city cemetery to a simple cross on the roadside, but one of the most common...

The rising cost of dying

08:00 Mon, 4 Sep

Whether New Zealanders choose burial or cremation for their departed loved ones, the cost of dying continues to climb. Funeral Directors Association of NZ (FDANZ)...

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