Tag: Mahurangi Artist Network

Arts centre needed

11:00 Mon, 25 Sep

Calls for a dedicated arts centre for the Warkworth area were made at Rodney Local Board’s monthly meeting on September 20. The idea was mooted...

Artists gaining strength in numbers

09:00 Tue, 6 Jun

Local artists are being encouraged to emerge from their studios and join forces with other creative types by joining the Mahurangi Artist Network (MAN). The...

DIY art tours

11:00 Tue, 27 Sep

Mahurangi artists have created a novel way for members of the public to create their own tours of local studios. The newly-launched Mahurangi Artist Network...

Network seeks artists for trail

08:00 Wed, 2 Jun

Close up of ‘Two heads one thought’ by Tanya McCabe. Mahurangi Artist Network is looking for artists to join the annual Mahurangi Artist Studio Trail....

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