Tag: Mahurangi Artists Studio Trail

Artists gaining strength in numbers

09:00 Tue, 6 Jun

Local artists are being encouraged to emerge from their studios and join forces with other creative types by joining the Mahurangi Artist Network (MAN). The...

Chance to see artists at work on regional trail

09:41 Wed, 2 Feb

Lovers of arts and crafts should hit the road in February, as nearly 40 artists will be throwing open their doors over two weekends for...

Mahurangi art studios open to all

11:33 Mon, 12 Oct

Around 30 local artists will again be opening their studios to share their working practices and artworks as part of Mahurangi Artist’s Studio Trail 2020....

Artists invited to join studio trail

11:05 Mon, 17 Aug

Mahurangi artists are invited to join the Mahurangi Artists’ Studio Trail (MAST) giving them the chance to showcase their work to a wider public and...

Artists invited to join the trail

15:43 Mon, 17 Feb

Local artists are invited to participate in the 2020 Mahurangi Artist’s Studio Trail (MAST), giving them a new opportunity to showcase their work. The 2020...

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