Tag: Mahurangi River Restoration Trust

Trust proposes high-speed ferry terminal

13:06 Mon, 13 Jul

Success! Mahurangi River Restoration Trust members and supporters celebrate funding to dredge the Mahurangi River. From left, Steve Burrett, Peter Thompson, Hugh Gladwell, Murray Chapman,...

Govt chips in $9m to restore Mahurangi River to former glory

17:02 Mon, 6 Jul

High speed travel to Auckland and catching snapper from clean water at the wharf are among the benefits expected from a $9 million Government package...

Dredging sputters on under funding cloud

15:20 Mon, 2 Dec

Money trickling in to support the dredging of the Mahurangi River permitted some tidying up of previously dredged areas last month, but major funding still...

Dredging operations falter as cash runs out

09:17 Tue, 1 Oct

The Mahurangi River Restoration Trust, desperate to find funding to continue dredging the Mahurangi River, got no joy from a Mayoral Candidates meeting at the...

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