Fishing - Snapper snapping

By: Anthony Roberts

It seems that we are never going to get respite from the relentless winds that have plagued us through spring. November has seen the snapper become prolific biters as they go through their spawning time. As they congregate in the deeper waters over the sand, there is not much food out there and when anything that even resembles bait is lowered, they will attack and devour it with much aggression. Both fresh bait and artificial baits of any sort are devoured. The spawning should end soon and then the snapper will disperse back into the shallower waters. With all the boat activity we normally experience over the summer holidays, it does get quite difficult to land any decent snapper. It goes without saying that snapper catches have been very good through November.

Kingfish are lurking and Dylan Bacher proudly displays his catch.

There have been many reports of workups inside the bay, as well as outside, and where there are workups, there are bait fish. Kahawai and kingfish have been lurking around these workups and, with the right lures, it can produce good results. It is always a good idea to be out on the water at first light when it is normally easier to target the kingfish with surface lures. Anyone who has a really good recipe for kingfish is most welcome to come share this recipe with me at the shop. After trying many different ways of preparing kingfish, I am still looking for that ultimate recipe!

Divers have also been getting good scallop hauls after a day out on the water fishing. What a nice treat they make together with some fresh fish. As the game fish season draws near, I suggest that you get your reels serviced and your lures re-skirted before things get exciting. When those first marlin are caught you don’t want to be running around trying to sort out gear that could be ready. Fish local and shop local! Tight Lines

Anthony Roberts, Tackle & Outdoors


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