Drone assists rabbit cull

The annual planting at Shakespear has finally been completed with some 18000 seedlings now enhancing the large slip below the lookout... read more

Celebrating 40 years

Things change very quickly on the water, which is why Coastguard Hibiscus is here to help. It's the perfect time of year to makes... read more

Hedgehogs: Friend or foe?

Our Department of Conservation (DOC) classifies hedgehogs as introduced pests with voracious appetites that eat native invertebrates... read more

Swarm season

If you are truly lucky you might come across prancing beekeepers at this time of the year – perhaps not dressed up in a red suit,... read more

A gardener’s legacy

I find gardening, particularly weeding, a good time to ponder life's more abstract issues. One I've been considering lately is the... read more

The indispensable jacket

So, what's up with farmers and jackets anyway? And why was it that a simple walk on the farm with a featherless farm puffer jacket... read more

Freedom from fear

Both adults and children experience periods of fear or anxiety, and become stressed from time to time. It is quite normal for... read more

What to do?

Summer is nearly upon us and many of you will be heading to Tāwharanui Regional Park to enjoy the great weather and fantastic environment.... read more

A Tauhoa patriarch

Among museum archives is a small notebook with the following entry: Joseph Isherwood Buckton and his Wife & 3 children left home May... read more