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These are interesting times we live in. While the worst of the pandemic appears to be over, there are still challenges on many fronts for businesses, communities and individuals.

Local independent media has never been more important. Mahurangi Matters and Hibiscus Matters are newspapers that are based in your community with your interests at heart. 

Our charter is simple: To investigate the issues that affect our communities and tell our local stories. But to continue to do this we need the support of our readers.

Our supporters play a vital role in making our work possible and in ensuring that our papers can be delivered free to households and businesses. Advertising is only part of the equation, and it worked well when we had the monopoly on classifieds and other reliable advertising streams, but the Zuckerbergs of this world have well and truly smashed this model to pieces.

So, introducing a nominal charge for the online paper is one way to continue to print the paper without hitting local businesses with rate increases. This is something we are particularly conscious of after two years of Covid. Some businesses are struggling to pay their rent; the last thing they need is an advertising increase.

How it works:

Previously, readers had to wait until Monday to read the paper online, or wait even longer to receive a copy of the printed paper in their letterbox.

With this new charge, you are paying for the convenience of being able to read the online paper as soon as it is finished on a Thursday afternoon, days before the paper has been printed and long before it would normally arrive in your letterbox.

Signing up to a year’s subscription gives you access to every copy of both of our papers for an entire year. Subscribers receive an email notification immediately after the paper is published online – no more manual checking or waiting for it to appear on social media.

The online paper is behind the paywall for one week (Thursday to Thursday) and then it is free.


Why do I have to buy the paper in AUD?
Unfortunately, the site that hosts our papers, Issuu, does not currently offer payments in NZD. We are aware this is a problem and have contacted them to enquire about changing this. This does mean there may be a small fee (usually only a small percentage) charged by your bank for the conversion.

I tried to buy a subscription but only ended up with one paper?
On checkout, please ensure that you tick the box that says ‘Get 48 issues.’ This can be found under the heading ‘Get more. Pay less.’ Our tutorial video walks you through how to do this:

How do I access the papers once I have purchased them?
We have a dedicated tutorial video available here to walk you through the sign-up process and how to access the papers on desktop:

  • To access your papers on desktop: Log into your Issuu account and hover over the ‘Read’ tab at the top right-hand side of the page. A drop-down box should pop up. Click ‘Purchases.’ Here you can access each single issue or view your subscriptions.
  • To access your papers on mobile: Log into your Issuu account and click the magnifying glass in the top left-hand corner. Click ‘Purchases.’ Here you can access each single issue or view your subscriptions.