Mahurangi Matters 20 May 2020_Readers Letters

By: Mahurangi Matters 20 May 2020 Readers Letters

Gimme no shelter

Once again, we see the erosion of our green coastal reserves as evidenced by the article in your paper about the sun shelter to be erected at Sunburst Reserve, Snells Beach (MM March 18). It is really telling that Mr Phelan Pirrie, the Local Board chair, did not respond to your question when asked if he thought the community had been adequately consulted on the shelter.  I live in Snells Beach and nobody asked me or my neighbours. I understand that about 5000 people live in Snells Beach. Who are these 280 people who thought it was a good idea to have a shelter?  Are they members of the Kawau Fishing Club?  Do they live in Snells Beach? If it took four years to collect these signatures, they clearly needed some persuading! I am afraid Gael Knight, of Kawau Fishing Club, is deluded if she thinks that the liquor ban is enforced by police at the beach. I can assure her it is not, and I agree with the residents who oppose it – this shelter will be a draw for those who flout liquor bans.  She quotes the Council as saying that this shelter would not attract illegal night time activities, but does she have this in writing and how does the council substantiate this opinion? I sympathise with those residents who live in the vicinity of Sunburst Reserve, who I assume would much rather have native wildlife using the reserve at night.  Why, oh why, do some people want to cover our green coastal reserves with more concrete and structures. I hope that if any other green coastal reserves are under threat, residents will be thoroughly consulted, and we don’t get another structure erected because a small minority think it is a good idea.

Marilyn Owens, Snells Beach

Irony of ironies

It seems lost on the residents of Sunburst Avenue why the Kawau Bay Boating Club felt the need to erect a sun shelter on the nearby reserve (MM March 18). For some inexplicable reason, many of the healthy shorefront pohutukawa planted by James Snell died or disappeared once “multi-million dollar” homes appeared.

The irony seems further lost when the same residents complain about vandalism and anti-social behaviour after they’ve scared away motorhomes and other respectful reserve users.

Trevor McKinney, Warkworth

Grateful thanks

I am a disabled person, and I would just like to give my sincere thanks for the help and sympathy I have had from the staff at our local New World supermarket. They have been so kind and helpful and everyone has been so friendly. Also the Lions volunteers who helped me with my shopping. Again, my thanks. Warkworth is a great place to live

Lynda Maddock, Warkworth


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