Being Magic

Emma Liston

As a child growing up in South Africa, Emma Liston “always wanted to be helping, healing”.

“Initially I thought I’d become a vet, but nothing about mainstream medicine resonated with me,” she says. “So I shelved that, and went to work and forgot about my dream.”

But the desire to help didn’t end. In her corporate job, colleagues “would naturally come to me and offload” – and half-jokingly she had a sign on her desk reading “agony aunt”.

Emma took her first reiki course in 2011 which reignited her childhood dream of healing, before moving to New Zealand with her husband and daughters seven years ago. 

It wasn’t until Covid gave her “time to pause and reflect” that she decided to “follow my dream, do something bigger”.

Under the name Being Magic, Emma now offers reiki, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and more, in sessions ranging from 45 minutes to three hours. She has online clients but has fitted out a little cabin at home in Gulf Harbour, and is better equipped to take clients in person.

She’s cut back on her job with an auditing firm, and is ready to stop altogether as the new venture takes off. 

Emma says you don’t need to understand reiki to find it helpful – her scientist husband benefits, even though he thinks it’s “a bit woo-woo”.

After a drive up to Ōrewa opened up a world that felt “completely different” to other parts of Auckland, the family 18 months ago found a home in Gulf Harbour, amid the lake, greenery and birdlife.

“It’s amazing. We love it.”

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