Changing Faces: Mobi Kair

John and Annette Carr with new owners Karl and Kylie Oldham.

The new owners of water tank cleaning and repair business Mobi Kair are looking forward to spending more time together, even if it is inside a 25,000-litre water tank.

Karl and Kylie Oldham are based in the Kaipara Hills and have been together for 25 years. The couple are confident they can handle the pressure of mixing their work and home life.

“We’ll be busy, but we’ll be busy together. I’m really looking forward to it and so is Kylie,” Karl says.

Karl has been a drain layer and plumber for the last 15 years and says his experience is a perfect fit with the business.

“Every tank and every location is different. I’ve got plenty of experience, so if something isn’t right and needs fixing I can take care of it,” Karl says.

Kylie has been working as a receptionist at a local garage and is looking forward to getting out from behind the desk and getting involved in the new business.

“I’m not scared of getting my hands dirty and for three days a week I will be on the road helping Karl.”

The business offers a wide range of water tank services and water blasting across Mahurangi.

Departing owners John and Annette Carr say that after 15 years, it’s time for a well-earned rest.

“We will get reacquainted with our fishing lines and plan to travel overseas,” John says.

“We have met some great people, seen some wonderful homes and been to places we never would have. I feel very comfortable with Karl and Kylie in charge. They are a perfect fit for the business.”