The Relaxation Studio

Leanne Harrison

If you’re looking for next level relaxation, it can be found, surprisingly, in the industrial heart of Silverdale.

In a small, quiet room in Anvil Road, Leanne Harrison has opened The Relaxation Studio – a restful haven where she can reduce your stress with what one of her clients calls ‘a mind massage’.

Leanne, who lives with her family in Hatfields Beach, left a career in accounts and customer service behind around a decade ago, looking for a way to support and help people. She qualified in Kinesiology and then took her interest in energy and healing further by learning about Access Bars – the touching of points on the head that triggers deep relaxation by releasing stress – and this became her main focus. 

She is also experienced at boosting the immune system by using points on and off the body that access the liver, spleen, kidney, thymus and third eye.

“Touch, on or off the body, activates the body’s innate healing capacities,” she says.

Leanne has been providing her service at markets and clients came to her by word of mouth. Opening her own studio has been the natural next step. 

Leanne also teaches classes, to spread the word about the healing power that can be unlocked in our bodies.

“The body knows the changes it needs to make,” she says. “When people are in a deeply relaxed state, often things come up that they want to talk about and I facilitate that. I encourage them to trust themselves to address what we tap into.” 

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