Hang on a Mo – it’s men’s health month

Rewi Thompson will be cycling round Lake Taupo for Movember.

It’s almost time for Movember, the annual month of raising funds to tackle the main causes of men dying younger than they should – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health issues and suicide.

According to New Zealand’s Movember Foundation, men are dying on average four and a half years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons, which is why it’s leading the charge to reduce health inequalities and save more lives.

“Movember is for everyone, not just for men. We are a health movement and our invitation to take part is open to everyone,” a spokesperson says. “We champion healthcare that is sensitive to the needs of everyone, including men, so that everyone benefits – men, women, families and society as a whole.”

There are plenty of ways people can participate in Movember this year …

Grow a Mo Even if you can’t grow a showstopper, don’t worry, the worst moustaches start the best conversations.

Make a Move Run or walk 60kms over the month of Movember. That’s 60kms for the 60 men lost to suicide each hour, every hour, across the world.

Host a Mo-ment Rally a crew and do something fun. Hosting is about having a good time for a good cause.

Mo Your Own Way A choose-your-own-adventure challenge, epic in scope and scale. You set the limits and chase them down.

Rewi Thompson, of Whangaparaoa, is just one of this year’s participants. He’s chosen to compete with a team of mates in the 160km Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge on November 25, in memory of his father, Peter Tinirau Thompson, who died from prostate cancer in 2021.

“Dad’s loss has significantly shaped my attitude to health and wellbeing, especially as I get older,”

Thompson says. “The most important thing I’m in control of and can positively influence is my physical health. This supports my mental wellbeing and I hope helps to positively support others, particularly our younger men.

“I only have one life and need to make decisions around work and life that support my overall physical and mental health.”

To sign up, donate or find out more, visit  www.movember.com