Matakana Cinemas hosts festival of short films

Matakana Cinemas will host the 14th Show Me Shorts Film Festival from October 19-23.  

Organisers say its programming team scoured the world for their selection of the best new short films to deliver to New Zealand audiences and films at the festival span a variety of genres, styles and topics.

New Zealand films featured at the festival include Walk a Mile – a grumpy old man learns how much he really cares for his noisy neighbours; Rū – a pregnant woman becomes the victim of a violent initiation;

One by the Venom – a music video by Finn Andrews; and Memory Foam – a  middle-age couple shopping for a new bed begin to realise their old bed is not the only thing they have outgrown.

Memory Foam was written and directed by Paloma Schneideman, who grew up in Matakana.

Also featured are Love and other Catastrophes, which comprises several films dealing with dating disasters and tales of love gone wrong; and Doc Station, a collection of short documentaries from all over the world.

The documentaries reveal the banality of life on board a cruise ship, a festival celebrating crawfish, a Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the mayhem that ensues when a new traffic separation device is installed in Sweden.

Show Me Shorts is an Oscar-accredited film festival, meaning the top New Zealand and International films at the festival qualify to enter the Academy Awards.

The films were selected from more than 2000 submissions.

Festival director Gina Dellabarca says she hopes the stories that have been brought together will “inspire you, teach you something new, and make you feel all the feels.”  

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