Supporters stump up big for Springboard

Supporters gather at Springboard’s Sheepworld base for the annual fundraising dinner. Photo, Springboard

Springboard’s annual fundraiser at Sheepworld on September 11 raised an impressive $230,000, that will help the community organisation in its continuing mission to support and impact the lives of at-risk youth.

The pledges at the Fund A Brighter Future fundraising dinner included $100,000 in dollar-for-dollar matched funding from Kennards Hire and Northwood Developments Ltd, general manager Dan Gray says.

“It was a stunning evening, with over 100 people gathered to hear the amazing stories of change that our young people have journeyed,” he says.

Dan says the money raised will help Springboard to continue helping the young people of the community who need extra support, and hopefully give them the platform they need to make change, and move forward positively.

“The invitation to ‘be part of something big’ was overwhelmingly accepted by those who gathered on Saturday night,” he says.

“We are grateful to our amazing supporters.”

Springboard’s programmes include alternative education, transition to employment programmes, parenting courses, counselling and practical support, preventative mentoring and an intervention programme for young offenders.