RSA celebrates 50 years of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The unique interactive, dress up fun that is the Rocky Horror Picture Show comes to the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA this month. The worldwide cult hit of the 1970s was created by Kiwi Richard O’Brien, who also played the role of Riff Raff. It is 50 years since the movie was released, and that, says Nikki Wales, is a great excuse to put on a costume and have some fun. Checkout supervisor Nicky has organised the event at the RSA. She long ago lost count of the number of times she has seen the show, either performed live or on the big screen. “It came out when I was 17 and living in Sydney,” she says. “My son was little, so I didn’t go to a lot of screenings then, but I did have it on VHS.” The RSA event includes showing the film on a big screen, and a chance to get into the Rocky Horror spirit and dress up. Interacting with the film will be encouraged, with goodie bags provided that contain suitable props. There will be a chance to do the Time Warp again. “Fans love the music, and it’s got a lot of quirky humour,” Nikki says. “Who doesn’t love a chance to dress up and have a laugh?” The Rocky Horror Picture Show 50th Anniversary Celebration is on at the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA on Sunday, June 18, 3pm-5pm. More details, see What’s On.

Nikki (in red wig) dresses as Magenta for Rocky Horror Picture Show events – and talks her friends into taking part, she says.
From left, Nikki’s friend Rob Arnett at the RSA as Rocky Horror star, cross dressing mad scientist Frank-N-Furter. Nikki with the statue of Rocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien in Hamilton.