Search for owners after Apple bust

Warkworth Police are inviting people who may have had iPads or Apple laptops stolen to come forward following a bust last month.

A total of 31 boxes, mostly empty, were discovered at a Warkworth address after one stolen iPad, which ended up in a Glenfield secondhand store, was tracked back to the owner of the house.

Warkworth Police Sergeant Mark Stallworthy says the offender had taken a number of brand new devices from various places and was selling them to shops across Auckland.

“We have 12 devices to return to Red Beach School and a number to go to Warkworth School, but we are still trying to locate most of them using the Apple serial numbers,” Sgt Stallworthy says.

“Anyone who is missing one should come forward so that as we recover each device, we can easily return it to its owner.”

Sgt Stallworthy says devices are not the only items being sought out by criminals locally.  A number of vehicle batteries and metal items have been stolen recently.

This includes an antique mower recently returned by police from a Silverdale scrap metal yard to the Warkworth and Districts Museum.

“We’ve had a spike in thieves taking items to sell to scrap yards. In one incident, up to a dozen batteries were stolen from one truck yard.”

Sgt Stallworthy says to make item recovery easier, businesses have a number of options, including the use of small GPS trackers or SelectaDNA.

“SelectaDNA is a substance that can be put on your items to give them a unique reference for identification.

“I would also recommend people visit the website where they can register all of their assets, which helps police return stolen goods quickly.”