Wetland restoration work underway

D’Oyly Reserve is being returned to wetland.

Site preparation work has begun on returning the piped stream through D’Oyly Reserve in Stanmore Bay back into wetland.

At present, D’Oyly Reserve consists of mown grass on top of what was historically a stream. Recreational activities in the reserve are affected by the fact that it’s boggy in winter, as the stormwater pipe beneath has insufficient capacity, resulting in overflows.

The scheme will restore the wetland in mitigation for the loss of the “streams and wetland area” in Link Crescent, which were piped underground to enable residential development there.

Auckland Council’s Health Waters stormwater specialists worked with CCO Panuku Development Auckland on the plan, which has a budget of $1.5 million. Most of this ($1.1 million) came from the developers of 20 Link Crescent, McConnell Property.

Public feedback on the proposal showed a desire for native plants and fruit trees and over 20,000 native plants will be planted.

The idea of being able to pluck fruit from trees in the reserve was popular and as a result there will be plum and mandarin trees planted.

A range of informal seating options was also asked for, so the plan is for suitably placed rocks and logs to form the backbone of this aspect. Also of interest in the feedback was the provision of opportunities for interacting with the stream, so this has been incorporated into the final design.

The community was concerned that the playground, rubbish bins, or open spaces would be removed but the playground will remain untouched, any rubbish bins removed during construction will be replaced and there will be open space for everyone (even the family dog) to enjoy.

Local contractors, CW Glasgow will be working on the site until September and they will ensure pedestrian access through the reserve remains available. The public is asked to follow the signs.


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