Banners herald Christmas spirit

About a dozen volunteers showed up to brighten up Warkworth with some brand-new Christmas flags last month.

Two volunteers manned cherry pickers, while others directed traffic around them as flags were affixed to lamp posts.

Organiser Murray Chapman says Warkworth was down to about 10 flags, after high winds during the last three years decimated Warkworth’s store of Christmas flags.

Fortunately, Jennian Homes sponsorship of the Warkworth Santa Parade this year meant around 50 new flags could be purchased and installed on lamp posts in Warkworth’s main shopping streets and wharf area on November 20.

The install started at 5.30pm, and all flags were up by about 8.30pm.

Murray says having so many volunteers turn up – some from the Lions and some involved in the Kowhai Festival – made life much easier.

“It just shows the strength in our community,” he says.

The flags feature a stylised pohutukawa blossom, appropriate for the Santa Parade theme of “Kiwi summer”.

As usual, Hire Works donated the use of two cherry pickers.

The flags will stay up until mid-January.

Murray says he prays no major storm comes through, because it always means some flags get damaged.