Hologram fans a NZ first

Warkworth shops and businesses may soon be using customised holograms to promote their products and services to customers.

3D animator Tom Zhang, who is already well-known in the town for his photography, is introducing to New Zealand the Hypervsn hologram fan system, and he hopes local businesses will take advantage of the local connection.

Hypervsn uses LED lights mounted on fan blades, which turn at speed to produce a floating 3D image with a solid appearance.

Although the holograms are not true 3D, being a flat image, Tom designs moving 3D models for the images, giving the appearance of depth.

Up to nine hologram fans can be set up in a relay to create a large display. Tom imagines full menu boards in restaurants with holographic burgers bursting from the wall.

He says the holograms look best with a black background, making them ideally suited for a shop window or mounted on a wall.

Tom designs holographic images for Curiat, a digital experience agency in Auckland’s North Shore.
Along with providing design services for holographic images, Curiat intends to sell the fans and hire them out for events.

Curiat managing partner Rob Hanks says his team is possibly the only one in New Zealand with the ability to both write the code to synchronise multiple holograms and produce the 3D imagery for it.

Tom displayed the Hypervsn fan to volunteers at the Warkworth Museum last year and plans are in the works to produce a holographic 3D model of a working engine for a display.

A demonstration for local businesses through One Warkworth is also being planned.