Introducing – Meyer Real Estate

After winning numerous awards and being named top salesperson two years running working at a prominent Warkworth real estate office, Steffan Meyer decided it was time to branch out on his own.

He recently opened Meyer Real Estate with business partner Laura Irvine, and is currently negotiating a lease agreement to set up an office in Snells Beach.

Steffan says he is spotted a gap in the market, and his boutique agency can offer something different from the big brands.

This includes the ability to adapt quickly, offer specialist skills and provide intimate local knowledge.

Already, Meyer Real Estate has a lifestyle property specialist – Yvette Davies – and as more agents come on board, Steffan plans to assign them to specific geographic areas in north Rodney, where they will also ideally live.

“When a customer shows interest in a property, they will be talking to an agent who can speak knowledgably about its location. The agent will be able to sell the property, the lifestyle and the area it sits in at the same time,” he says.

Steffan says that the division of labour will create a united office working to benefit the client, rather than having a situation where rival agents compete over the same turf.

He adds that the look and feel of a smaller agency’s property promotion differentiates itself from the uniform, corporate look of the bigger agencies – helping Meyer properties stand out to buyers wading through a mass of competing ads.

“We want to push the boundaries, be innovative, fresh and a trendsetter in what we do for our clients,” he says.

Steffan, who is 33, says while it is a bold step to be setting up a new real estate office, he is excited and looking forward to the challenge. His track record thus far convinces him that he can succeed in a competitive market.

“You can conquer the world at any age,” he says.