Message behind new artwork

A bronze African elephant that was last seen climbing out of a manhole in downtown New York has found a new home in Matakana.

Two art students from Mahurangi College, Carissa Smith and Willow Whitham, were given the honour of unveiling Sculptureum’s latest acquisition.

The public art piece is part of a series called ‘come out come out, wherever you are’ by Sydney artists Gille and Marc.

For more than three decades, the couple have been making public art to promote conservation and equality. The ‘come out, come out’ series draws attention to the plight of many of the world’s endangered species, arguing that these species should be allowed to come out of hiding to a place of safety and love.

The sculpture park, on Omaha Flats Road, is home to a number of Gille and Marc pieces. Sculptureum owners, Sandra and Anthony Grant, have installed a collection box alongside the elephant with all donations going to a wildlife conservation fund.