Wheelchair football packs a punch

The short film made about Wentworth College Year 9 student Logan McColl tugs on the heartstrings, showing the positive effects for everyone involved of including a disabled person in an activity.

The film was made for the Focus on Ability awards, which were held recently in Auckland. It didn’t place, but Logan still smiles when he remembers the enthusiastic audience response to his film.

Made at Wentworth College, the film shows Logan in his wheelchair watching an indoor football game from the sidelines, then being subbed on and scoring a goal.

Logan, 13, has muscular dystrophy and although he doesn’t play soccer at Wentworth, he does a lot of refereeing and is a great handball player.

His soccer experience comes from playing with the North Auckland Power Chair Football Club, based at Massey University in Albany, for more than three years. He has competed internationally twice, and is heading to Australia again next month for the Australian nationals.

His mum Sharron says with players speeding around in their specially designed wheelchairs, which spin and hit the ball with force, it can be a scary sport to watch.

The teams consist of four players each and games are played on a full size basketball court.

Sharon says power chair football, which will be included in the Paralympics for the first time in 2024, is a growing sport in New Zealand. The North Auckland team is always looking for new players. Info: look for the club on Facebook.

Logan’s short film: