Women unite to fight ‘period poverty’

A scheme to help women who struggle to afford sanitary items every month has been extended to include Mahurangi.

Last month, after becoming aware of the difficulties many women face in the community with finding enough money for sanitary items, Michelle Wratten, of Stanmore Bay, came up with One for Her.

The idea is that when women buy their own tampons, pads or menstrual cups, they also buy some for a woman in need.

“I hope it taps into that mindset of giving on a regular basis – one for me, one for someone else,” Michelle says.

“While a need for food or clothing is clear, these items are also necessities, not luxuries, and yet they are expensive.”

She adds that if there are several women in a family and the family is on a tight budget, then getting hold of sanitary items can be tough.

“There are reports of girls shoplifting tampons because they can’t afford to buy them. For some of us an extra item in the groceries won’t make a lot of difference and it’s a way to support other women.”

Purchased sanitary items can be dropped into boxes at various collection points. These include Intimate Apparel, Riverside Arcade, Warkworth; Curves Gym, 250 Mahurangi East Road, Snells Beach; and at a private address, 46 Anne Burton Drive, Warkworth (please leave the items in the box by the door).

Michelle says although she does voluntary work for Love Soup and with her church, she has never instigated a charitable movement like this before.

Nevertheless, her Facebook page has generated a huge amount of interest and collections are also underway in other parts of Auckland and in Tauranga.

Info: Look for One for Her on Facebook or email oneforher.nz@gmail.com