Mahurangi Matters, 4 July 2022 – Off the Record

Pricing tonic

It was a nice surprise to find a fine Kiwi gin gracing the shelves of a Nova Scotia Liquor Commission store on a recent visit to remote eastern Canada, though our roving reporter couldn’t help wondering at the bargain price. Even after being shipped more than 16,000km around the planet, this 75cl bottle of Scapegrace was selling at under $50 Canadian – or NZ$10 cheaper than the standard 70cl bottle over here. A bargain for sure, though much like the current petrol situation, it seems a shame we have to travel great distances just to save a few dollars.

Variable speed limit

From our ‘you had one job’ file: we think drivers in Topuni could be forgiven for speeding on Payne Road recently. Or driving too slowly, come to that. As to how it could have happened in the first place, we can’t even begin to imagine … the mind boggles.