Chicken farm protest concert takes flight at Tahi Bar

Warkworth’s Tahi Bar will host a fundraising concert in opposition to a controversial Tegel chicken farm, which the company wants to locate in Arapohue, near Dargaville.

Thousands have objected to the farm, which is expected to produce nine million chickens a year, saying it will create an offensive stench and constitute an environmental hazard.

Oppose Mega Farm concert organiser Jed Town says half a dozen acts will perform playing a wide variety of music, including punk, post-punk, David Bowie covers, ambient and pop.

“I hear there are quite a few old punk rockers in Warkworth, so it will appeal to them as well as to the melodic people,” he says.

Jed says that as a musician it’s nice to be able to get a message across to people through music.

“It’s not about ramming it down people’s throats and making people paranoid, but it is about making people aware,” he says.

“There’s always a lot of interesting people show up to these things, especially when you are fighting a cause like this.”

Acts featuring at the concert are X Features, Goldilocks Zone, Nga Manu, Swamp Brothers, The Ghoulies and Sista matik.

Tahi Bar owner Ian Marriott says he is sympathetic to those campaigning against the chicken farm, saying he does not believe Arapohue is an appropriate location and more thought needs to go into what we are eating and how it is produced.  

“I know there are more people on the planet and we need to have more food, but I don’t think that is a good enough reason to open big farms like this,” he says.

The Oppose Mega Farm concert is on Saturday, September 15 at 7pm. Tickets are $10 at the door with koha.