Golf fundraiser supports brigade

The golf day will raise funds for the Matakana brigade.

A golf tournament at Omaha Beach next month will raise money for both the club and the Matakana Volunteer Fire Brigade.

The 50/50 share event will be held on Friday, September 29.

Holes are being sold for $1000 each and the day will conclude with an evening auction and raffles.

The club is raising money for a resource consent to undertake further improvement on the course, particularly around drainage, while the fire brigade will put its share of the proceeds towards the purchase of a new first responder vehicle.

Fire chief Jeremy Gibbons says Matakana volunteers attend around 200-plus calls a year. About half are medical responses where the first response vehicle is dispatched first.

“The existing vehicle is still fit for purpose but we were thinking that it might take us two or three years to raise the funds to replace it,” Gibbons says. “A new 4WD SUV is in the range of $75,000.

“The emissions standards on a new vehicle will be better than our current 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe and the safety standards will be improved, as well as the reliability as the current vehicle ages.”

The brigade currently has 22 volunteers, with the addition of four new recruits in recent months.

Collectively, the team spend more than 4000 hours a year training.

“Our volunteers give up their time and leave their family and friends at all hours or the day and night to help the community in times of need.

“I would like to thank the community for the support they have shown the brigade over the last year and the employers of our volunteers – who are recognised on a board at the Matakana Gull petrol station – for allowing us the time off work to help.”

The golf tournament will be a nine hole Ambrose, with a team entry costing $500, which includes a buffet dinner.


If anyone wishes to donate outside of the golf fundraiser, they should contact Jeremy at