Local transport projects prioritised by local board

The local board wants AT to make Bakehouse Lane in Ōrewa a one-way road.

Turning Bakehouse Lane in Ōrewa into a one-way road and providing improvements for pedestrians on parts of Whangaparāoa Road and Hibiscus Coast Highway are priorities for the local board’s transport capital fund.

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board has around $2.8m to spend on local transport projects – this is the total amount for the board’s three-year term.

The first stage in allocating this money is when the local board puts forward some suggested projects. 

Auckland Transport (AT) then comes back with costings so that members can make final decisions on which projects they want to action, to work within the budget. AT brought rough costings for the suggested ‘long list’ of projects to the board’s June 13 workshop. 

The report presented to members stated that, at this stage, rough cost estimates only would be provided (rather than full feasibility studies) due to “a direction to all CCOs to be more fiscally responsible”. 

“Full investigation is only possible on shortlisted projects,” the report said.

On the Coast, the projects removed from the long list included creating a right turn ban from Moana Avenue onto the Hibiscus Coast Highway – as AT has a project to signalise this intersection.

A suggested raised zebra crossing across Laurence Street between Manly Park and the sailing club also didn’t make the cut, with local board members pointing out that there are already seven speed bumps in Laurence Street.

Shortlisted transport projects

Local board members were keen on all the following local projects (as well as some in the Bays subdivision) going forward for more detailed costings. The final decisions as to what projects are actioned will be made at a business meeting.

• Raised zebra crossing, driver sign and new footpaths at the Hibiscus Coast Highway, Whangaparāoa Rd and Millwater Parkway intersection – at a rough cost of $1.3m. On the southwest corner of the intersection, there is no footpath at the traffic island to connect to the Whangaparāoa Rd slip lane. The project would provide this, a pedestrian-friendly crossing treatment on the slip lane (shorten the crossing distance) and also a new footpath that connects to the existing footpath that stops outside 57 Hibiscus Coast Highway. A footpath between Titan Place and the existing footpath is also included in this project. 

• Bakehouse Lane, Ōrewa – one way (northbound) treatment. Rough cost $450,000. Bakehouse Lane is narrow for two-way traffic and pedestrian use, and the local board see this as a safety issue. Suggested changes required would be building out the kerb at both of the intersections, making it tighter to physically restrict the traffic, realigning the parking, marking changes and new signage. Stormwater upgrades might be required.

• Pedestrian refuge island on Whangaparāoa Road near the Manly Fire station to increase safety for people crossing. Cost estimate $150,000.