Rainbow colours accelerate police inclusiveness

You might have seen this colourful police car around the Hibiscus Coast, and wondered about its rainbow colours.

The car is one of three in the country, originally unveiled by NZ Police in 2018 for the Pride Parade. The cars were originally not expected to be a permanent addition to the fleet, but instead of returning them to standard police colours, they were retained. 

Recently the Waitemata District got one – the others are in Auckland and the South Island.

Senior Constable Bryan Ward says it was a no-brainer to bring it here. Snr Constable Ward has been a national Pink Shirt Day ambassador for years, and says the car is a great addition to the local fleet.

He says the vehicle acknowledges the relationship between police and the rainbow community, as well as the commitment to increasing diversity within the force.

The rainbow car will be out and about on patrol every day, as well as making an appearance at special events.

“It’s been very well received,” Snr Constable Ward says. “We’ve had only one negative reaction – most people want photos taken with it, and are asking us what it’s all about.”