VIP Lawns & Gardens

Lured by the opportunity to be his own boss and have a better work/family balance, Ziggy Bruu has given up the jet set life of an international inflight manager to launch the VIP lawn mowing and gardening service in Warkworth.

For the past 13 years, Ziggy has worked across the world as an Air New Zealand flight attendant. He was based in London for five years, and has flown routes to North and South America, Japan, China, Australia and throughout the Pacific.

“Flying was good fun and taught me a lot, and I got to meet a lot of interesting people, including celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and her family, and Russell Brand,” he says.

“But the jet lag and the time spent away from home isn’t good when children come along. When the opportunity came up to buy the Warkworth VIP franchise, it ticked a lot of boxes.

“I love the outdoors – surfing, snow skiing, mountain biking, tramping and camping – so the idea of working outside was a drawcard.

“Also, before joining Air NZ, I was in the NZ Police Force for 13 years, in Auckland and Blenheim, so this is my first opportunity to be my own boss.”

Ziggy says VIP stands for value, integrity and professionalism.

“It’s important to listen to what people want and treat them like you would someone in your own family.

We carry liability insurance and are police screened, plus we have a satisfaction guarantee which means we will re-do a job for free if notified within 48 hours.”

The core services offered by VIP include cut and catch lawn mowing and edge trimming, plus mulching, when requested. They can also do hedge and tree trimming, and give properties a general tidy up.

While Ziggy is keen to establish a database of regular clients, he is also available to do one-off jobs.

“I can give anyone a free appraisal and if I can’t help them, I will help them find someone who can. I’m a solution-focused person and customers satisfaction is very important to me.”