Coastal protection a priority

The Hibiscus & Bays Local Board has named coastal protection work on Orewa Beach as its most important advocacy initiative for 2018/19.

The local board signed off its Local Board Agreement for 2018/19 at a meeting last week – the agreement forms part of Auckland Council’s 10-year Budget 2018-28.

The agreement includes advocating for capital funding of $18 million to be allocated by the Governing Body to two phases of coastal protection work. The first phase is for the construction of the seawall at the northern end of the beach, between Kohu Street and Marine View. This project is due to begin formal mediation in the Environment Court – the outcome of which will determine whether or not the seawall will ever be built (HM May 16).

Initial funding for the second phase, a 670m section at the southern end, near the surf club, was approved by Council on May 31. The sum of $200,000 was allocated for a business case.

The local board’s other key advocacy initiatives are to bring forward the building of the Penlink Road and to investigate equitable operational funding for community houses, youth and arts centres. A review of the Hibiscus Coast Youth Centre is underway as a first step in this process.

Other priorities for the Hibiscus Coast included in the agreement are reviewing the contestable grants scheme; promoting use of the proposed Gulf Harbour weekend ferry service trial; and facilitating employment opportunities in Silverdale.

Altogether, 1267 written submissions were received on the local board’s priorities by the time consultation closed at the end of March.

When it came to regional Auckland priorities, transport was local submitters’ number one concern, with 48 percent not supporting Auckland Council’s regional fuel tax. It was close though, with 44 percent supporting the tax and eight percent indicating ‘other’.

Another key concern raised by residents was the environment with 65 percent supporting a targeted rate for cleaning up our waterways and 55 percent supporting the targeted rate to fund environmental initiatives.

A total of 66 percent of submitters support a targeted rate for online accommodation providers.
The Rodney Local Board’s priorities included a local project – the development of a masterplan for the future reserve at Green Road in Dairy Flat.

On June 28, the Governing Body will meet to adopt Auckland Council’s 10-year Budget, including local board agreements.