Help with workplace literacy

Businesses on the Hibiscus Coast can benefit from free literacy training for staff who are challenged by workplace reading, writing and conversation demands.

The workplace or community-based education is offered by Literacy Auckland North (LAN) under a Government-subsidised scheme. LAN manager Jane Rigby says that typically, students may have slipped through the education system, have low confidence and find reading or spelling a challenge.

They may be looking to return to work and need to brush up their skills, or English may be their second language. LAN provides lessons in workplaces, libraries, schools, marae and other community venues.

Training can also help those who want to get their Learner Driver Licence or develop digital literacy or number skills. Established over 40 years ago, the organisation supports around 400 adults a year – an increasing number of whom are from Rodney, particularly Warkworth and Wellsford. It also works with schools, helping parents who lack sufficient English literacy skills to help their children.

Info or phone 09 444 0420.