Introducing: Clear & Colour Joinery Restorations

Two young adventurers, one from NZ and the other from Australia, Rachel O’Neill and Sam Jarmy, have settled on the Coast and set-up a business that will be welcomed by anyone renovating their home or business.

Clear & Colour Joinery Restoration gives people the option of recolouring their aluminium joinery to match their decor without the cost of buying new joinery.

“Restoration gives a ‘like new’ finish, but comes at about one-third the cost,” Sam says. “The work is done on site and an average three bedroomed house takes about two to three weeks.”

The company also offers a second service, which utilises nanotechnology.

“The colour in joinery fades over time as it oxidises, particularly if you live near the sea.

“The product we use is called Nano-Clear® and when applied to exterior aluminium joinery, it restores the original colour, protects the joinery from further weathering and makes cleaning the joinery a lot easier.”

As the son of a Brisbane painter, Sam has been working in the painting and decorating field for most of his life. Between adventures, that is.

He was just 16 when he set-off for Thailand in the wake of the devastating tsunami in 2004.

“I was there for about a year helping with the relief effort, which involved building homes and schools, and working with international teams to distribute food.”

He has criss-crossed the world on several occasions since then, including snowboarding in Canada and working in the United Kingdom.

It was while he was working as an adventure instructor on a cruise ship out of Australia that he met Rachel, and together they moved to NZ three years ago.

The couple still pursue an outdoor lifestyle when time allows including hiking, camping, snowboarding, kite-surfing and surfing.

“Setting up this new business, as well as running our other painting and decoration business, Perfection is Possible, has kept us pretty busy,” Sam says.