Orewa College zone a compromise

Orewa College’s new, smaller enrolment zone was approved by the Ministry of Education last week, but with an amendment that has split Red Beach in two, including the part nearest to the college within the new border.

The college’s original proposal was to exclude all of Red Beach from its zone – something that was vehemently opposed by Red Beach School. A total of 371 submissions were made on the proposal.

Red Beach School board of trustees chair Andrew Short says the compromise is a disappointment. He says that splitting the community – with a line that goes right down the middle of Bay Street, will create problems.

He says feedback from parents is coming in thick and fast, and they are not happy.

He says the school will hold a public meeting early in September to explain the situation and allow people to air their views.

“We are not taking this lying down,” he says.

The board of trustees has registered its concerns with the Ombudsman and Mr Short says they may even take it to a judicial review.

The college decided to shrink its zone because it is at capacity, while facing huge growth in surrounding areas such as Millwater.

Principal Kate Shevland did not want to make any comment at this stage.

The new zone will come into effect on January 1 next year.