Students dig deep to save environment

A total of 17 students from Mahurangi College got stuck in to a Trees for Survival planting day to help support the environment on July 31.

The event, started by Rotary around 25 years ago, was held on a property in Matakana, where 800 saplings were planted.

Trees for Survival coordinator Gail Allende says the planting day makes a big contribution to the environment.

“We teach the students that all trees play a role in the environment and, in this case, we planted around waterways to prevent erosion and to create a habitat for insects, which are reaching critically low numbers in New Zealand,” Gail says.

“The trees also give shade to the waterways, lowering the water temperature and allowing fish numbers to increase.”

Starting by the water, the students planted sedge, flax, manuka, cabbage and kowhai.

“We have around 75 schools participating across Auckland and the great thing is it gets children involved with nature. That is as valuable as the environmental benefits,” Gail says.

Also involved in the planting day were Warkworth Rotary members Joe Koppens and Murray Wham, Mahurangi College teachers Natalie Newson and Naomi Wade, and property owner Simon Barclay.

Muddy ground made good footwear essential on the day.