Book Reviews – Scorpion

by Christian Cantrel

I do love a good thriller, and twists and turns are usually a good thing and keep me on my toes. But Scorpion had so many twists that I felt the story was almost a little too clever for its own good, or maybe it was just too clever for me. A young woman in Moscow is about to start her day when her artificial limbs take control and force her over her high-rise balcony. And that’s just the beginning of a string of seemingly random deaths, including a baby. The one thing that links them all is a four-digit code that is found branded on their bodies. A CIA analyst is seconded to find the killer and that’s when things get a little meta. Time travel combined with intense computer lingo meant I was sometimes struggling to understand the where and how, but with some judicious skim reading I was able to keep the flow of the story going. A couple of major twists at the end meant I didn’t see it coming, and that’s always a good way to end a thriller.