Digital World – Gone too soon

When you are living some of your life online you often get to engage and know people you have never met in real life.

You may follow their journey on blogs, different social media platforms, or you may be signed up to their email list. Over time, you can end up knowing a lot more about these online ‘friends’ than the people they see every day.

Recently, I lost one of these online friends. I use the term ‘friend’ although I never stood next to this person or talked to him in real life. However, I can tell you pretty much everything about him. This person was Scott Dinsmore, from Live your Legend.

A friend introduced me to Scott (online) a year ago and I was an avid follower from the start. Scott set-up an online business called Live Your Legend, which inspired hundreds of thousands of followers all around the world, including myself. He encouraged and helped me decide how to live my life, and he taught me how to enjoy freedom and adventure while doing the things I love to do. He did that all from the computer. The power of social media was never clearer to me than when I realised how someone I had never met could inspire and show people how to live their lives to the fullest and not get stuck in a nine-to-five job that was wrong for them. Scott chose to live his work. Unfortunately, his life was cut short by a climbing accident and it is truly a very weird feeling to grieve so much for someone you have never met.

I am not alone in this feeling as there are thousands of people all over the world who are mourning him, connected in our grief through social media. We are all supporting each other in the Live Your Legend community. Stories of how people changed their lives after learning about Scott, as well as the great sense of community we all feel, is Scott’s legacy. 

Scott died far too young but he has left behind a gift that will live on. He inspired change in countless people’s lives. I feel a lot of pride and connectivity to be part of the community of like-minded people, which he was instrumental in setting up. I am honoured and proud that for more than a year I was able to witness this man’s greatness and call him a ‘friend’.