Mahurangi Matters, 21 November 2022 – Readers Letters

Paper the cracks

There is hardly a single driver in the Rodney region who has not had to endure the decrepit state of our rural roads. Auckland Transport (AT) does not seem to care and when this august body decides to do something they just “paper the cracks”. They do this by having people who decide which roads to fix and how to do it who have no idea about engineering proper road surfaces and maintaining correct drainage into water tables, or ensuring all culverts are not blocked!

Recently, they made a big effort on Old Kaipara Flats Road. Graders, rollers, trucks and metal. Looked great. But three months later, it is back to potholes and corrugated surfaces. No proper base was put down so all that expenditure was wasted.

Another example is Carran Road. This road has been destroyed by logging trucks and trucks involved in the motorway construction so AT finds a pothole full of mud and puts tarseal over it. See photo showing about 10mm of tarseal on top of mud. The first truck to drive over this squirted it out. Again, no knowledge, no control and no accountability, just a total waste of money.

Peter Georgetti, Warkworth