Mahurangi Matters, 25 October 2021 – Readers Letters

Harry versus Harold

In the October 11 edition of Mahurangi Matters, page 22, there is a column titled History – Wilson versus Moore. I am disappointed to read this and to find that it refers to Harold B. Moore, which is incorrect. This is obviously about my grandfather who was not Harold B Moore as stated, but simply Harry (Blomfield) Moore. The column having come from the Warkworth & District Museum, I would have thought they would know and use the correct name. While Harry may sometimes be a shortened form of Harold, this was not the case with my grandfather. I would appreciate if a correction can be made and the writer informed of the correct name as well.

Elizabeth (Beth) Shepherd, Wellsford

Warkworth Museum curator Victoria Joule responds: While the Limeworkers Union document Kerry Allen used referred to him as Harold B. Moore, we acknowledge the fact that his name was actually Harry B. Moore.

Panel beating

I was shocked to read that a group in Snells Beach was asking for $6000 (MM Sept 27) from the council for six information panels. Being active in several community organisations, I am surprised by the number of panels, the cost and that the group couldn’t fund the panels themselves. Our Northern Action Group billboards cost no more than $100 each. The design, materials and labour are all donated. Based on the size of the small lettering of the proposed panels, I assume that the panels will be at least 2.4m width and 1m in height. Altogether, I’m estimating each panel plus support frames etc. should cost no more than $300. Why can’t the community pitch in to cover this cost? Isn’t there the support? Are those proposing the panels profiting from their so-called volunteer work?

Maury Purdy, Kaipara Flats

SBRAA chair Peter Beekman responds: As was written in the article about this project, each panel is to be a permanent installation mounted on a customised rock filled gabion basket sitting on a concrete base. Each panel is 1125x475mm and each of the six will have custom content relating to birds commonly frequenting different areas of Snells Beach. Each installation must meet conditions specified and approved by the council.  Artistic design work is unique to each panel and costs well more than $6000 in total at commercial rates. Already there is a large amount of donated time consumed, with discounted and donated materials offered in support of the project.