Mahurangi Matters, 16 January 2019 – Readers Letters

Save the weir
It has come to my attention that an Auckland Council Environmental Department is planning to destroy the 100 plus-year-old weir that creates a pond back under the two bridges beside the Bridgehouse. This must not happen. My father Reg Hooper used to transport cream in cans, from Tauhoa through Kaipara Flats, to the then butter factory, situated on the banks of the river and right in the middle of town. As a small boy, I would ride with him. I believe this weir to be a very special icon that has always added to the character and uniqueness of the town of Warkworth. There will be literally thousands of photos taken of that scene, by both local families and tourists. It really is such a meaningful town feature with the weir, the bridge, the Bridgehouse building and the bush behind. I recall driving though France and coming to a town with a similar but larger weir. They are a noticeable feature in any town fortunate to have such a water feature and adds to the human fascination with water movement. It simply cannot and should not be removed on any count, and it is of real concern that an Auckland-based group could even consider it a possibility.
Maurice Hooper, Tauhoa, Wellsford & Snells Beach

Unrepresentative sample?
Of the six people asked for comment on the Hill Street intersection (MM Dec 12), two were from the same household and are renowned for having strong views on this. Therefore, do these comments truly represent a cross-section of the community?
Stan Armiger, Snells Beach

MM was unaware that any of those whose comments it chose to publish came from the same household. If we had been aware then we would have only printed one of the comments. Nevertheless, those published represented a range of views, none of which were identical – Ed  

Follow up on follow-up
I would like to thank Mr Knight for sharing his experiences with the public health system (Level of health care not the issue – MM Nov 14). I wholeheartedly agree with his comments, particularly those contained in the first two paragraphs. The public health system is a bewildering process to contend with at a vulnerable time. Further to this, and based on the situation I now find myself in, I would also strongly encourage anyone who feels they may have fallen off a follow-up list to make an appointment with their local GP. An experienced GP will have a good understanding of the hospital referral system and the capacity to make enquiries on behalf of their patient with the relevant District Health Board. I sincerely hope that Mr Knight is now getting the care he needs and promptly, and that publications such as yours will encourage efforts to rationalise the health services in this area.
Hilary McNaughten, Wellsford

• In the story “Community gives to restore river” (MM Dec 12) the Rodney Local Board, not Auckland Council, should have been identified as donating to the Mahurangi River Restoration Trust.

• In the obituary for Beverley Simmons (MM Dec 12), Cunitia Wilkinson was listed as the Warkworth Town Hall Restoration Trust chair. In fact, she was a trustee and Ilona Rodgers was the chair.

• Please note tickets for Summer Magic Music in the Gardens at Couldrey House (MM Dec 12) are $30 for adults, not $5. Children are still free.