One Mahurangi – Christmas around the corner

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s a time of both excitement and opportunity for our local businesses. With the new road now open, we hope to see an influx of visitors in our town, and the big question is, is your business prepared for this festive season? Predicting the exact turnout can be tricky, especially after a couple of subdued summers due to lockdowns and then weather extremes last year. However, let’s stay optimistic and believe that this year will bring a change with sunny weather and eager visitors.

Every year around this season, I recommend that all businesses with a street-front presence take a step outside and look at their exteriors from a potential customer’s perspective. Does your business need a little sprucing up on the outside? Are there weeds to be cleared, a fresh coat of paint required, or perhaps your signage needs a touch-up? In essence, what can you do to make people pause and think, “This looks like a wonderful place to explore and shop in.”

Some may argue that it is the landlord’s responsibility, not theirs. But the issue is, if the landlord doesn’t take action, it’s your business that ultimately suffers due to the loss of street appeal.

One of the highlights of our town is the Mahurangi Winter Festival of Lights, where over 90% of our shops light up, creating a vibrant atmosphere that draws in both locals and visitors, enticing them to spend more time in town. Now, picture this: What if every shop in town dressed their windows with Christmas decorations, played joyful Christmas music, and had their staff wearing festive outfits? The word would undoubtedly spread that Warkworth is a must-visit place, brimming with a fantastic holiday vibe. “Come to Warkworth, where Christmas is all around.”

Imagine the joy on children’s faces as they stroll along the street, urging their parents to explore the shops. Imagine the team spirit among business owners dressed up and having fun in the lead-up to Christmas. Let’s transform this Christmas season from a stressful time into one filled with enjoyment and fun. It’s not just good for your business’ bottom line; it’s also beneficial for your own well-being.

And don’t forget, the Warkworth Santa Parade is scheduled for December 3, starting at 11 am from Baxter Street and proceeding down Queen Street. Registration forms for floats will be available soon. Last year was a tremendous success, and together, let’s make this year’s event even grander.

One Mahurangi - Manager