One Mahurangi – Starting a business in Mahurangi

Let’s face it, starting or relocating a business can be daunting. Getting premises and equipment sorted, organising staff and getting to know the area all require planning and effort. The good news is there’s lots of support in the wider Warkworth area to help businesses succeed. Before moving back to Warkworth and taking on the role of managing the business association, I ran a local motel. I know first-hand what it is like setting up and breaking into a new area.

My advice for succeeding in a new location is simple: embrace it and invest in it. Getting to know the area and its people will ensure your business forms a lasting bond in the community, and it will be the energy and enthusiasm you bring to the area that will be rewarded as much as anything else.

Here are a few tips to think about if you’re starting a business around here:

1. Networking: Establishing a business presence in a new town involves making your business visible to the community and building relationships with local residents and community leaders. One Warkworth holds regular networking events – come along, we’d love to meet you.

2. Know local issues: Familiarise yourself with your local board representatives, politicians and the issues the local community is facing – get involved.

3. Reach out to other businesses: Reach out to nearby businesses and organise a social get together – invite them over.

4. Sponsor local causes: It doesn’t have to be monetary sponsorship, in-kind support will get you noticed, too, particularly at community events, but be selective and apply limits.

5. Google: Register your business on google maps so people can find you.

6. Social media: Join local groups and follow local events. Geographically, the area is quite spread out so social media is an easy way to connect with our surrounding towns and villages – follow One Warkworth on Facebook.

7. Be intro prepared: Have a 30-second spiel ready about you and your business that makes a memorable impression – practice delivery, but keep it natural, and have your business cards ready.

8. Ask questions: Don’t be afraid to ask a local for introductions or advice – you have nothing to lose.

Of course, the fast track way to achieving most of the above is simply by joining One Warkworth. For about the same cost as one cup of coffee a week, you can enjoy the following benefits, and more:
•    A business directory listing
•    Social media marketing leverage
•    A strong voice representing your business interests
•    Regular networking opportunities
•    Regular communication about business matters
•    Events and promotional opportunities
•    Noel Leeming discount (terms and conditions apply)

It would be great to have you on the team. Contact:

Murray Chapman, Manager