Book Reviews – No Less the Devil

No Less The Devil by Stuart MacBride

This latest Stuart MacBride novel doesn’t disappoint. Darkness abounds and Detective Sergeant Lucy McVeigh is trying to catch the ‘Bloodsmith’ while battling her own demons. The ‘Bloodsmith’ has been operating for over a year-and-a-half and yet no-one can seem to find the important leads that might lead to an arrest. Meanwhile, a convicted killer has been released from jail and he’s trying to tell DS McVeigh that ‘they’ are out to get him. Is he linked to the ‘Bloodsmith’ or is there something more sinister going on? DS McVeigh is the classic lead … she’s taciturn, has a very dark personal history, and is the classic lone wolf detective. This novel has quite a few twists and turns, and has a quite unexpected ending. Twisted and fabulous!