Mahurangi Matters, 3 July 2019 – Readers Letters

Barn bother

Regarding “Council adopts zero-waste demolition strategy” and the removal of a barn at Puhoi Pioneer Memorial Park (MM May 22). What plans does Council have for screening the two containers previously hidden by the barn or are they also to be removed? Our guess is that the containers were allowed by Council so long as they were screened from view behind the barn, which is now no longer there. We are new to the district but have enjoyed the view, including the iconic barn – a little piece of Puhoi history now destroyed. Your article regarding removal of the barn suggested that the Council would be having it demolished in a manner that the timber etc. from it could be recycled for later use. The wall cladding on the two ends and exposed (to view) side was removed (for reuse?) and the structure pushed over and crushed, loaded on to a truck and removed. It is a real shame to see the barn removed but as it has now gone the least the Council can do is take steps to have the containers removed or suitable planting undertaken to screen them.

John & Karen Rehm, Puhoi

The Rehms regret the loss of the iconic barn at Puhoi Pioneer Memorial Park, which formed part of a stunning view.

Mahurangi Matters sought a response from Council on this but had not received one by the time the paper went to press – Ed

i-SITE blues

I have read with interest the move by Matakana Coast Tourism (MCT) to withdraw support for the former Warkworth i-SITE information centre. In the opinion of many, it was only a matter of time before they realised that they could no longer manage and run a tourism facility of this standing. The centre was established back in 1983 and was run, in the main, by a group of dedicated and trained volunteers over all those years, many of whom gained tourism levels of skill and competence. MCT took many of the concepts (e.g. Puhoi to Pakiri) that had been devised and promoted by the Kowhai Coast Tourism group. I therefore feel huge disappointment that, after all the efforts of previous staff, management and advisory committee members, MCT has now withdrawn and as a direct result of their mis-management, the centre has now lost its national status as an official i-SITE information centre. I wish One Warkworth and their team every success in re-establishing a facility that Warkworth can be proud of.

Dave Parker, Warkworth

Kind donation

On behalf of Seasons for Growth, we would like to thank the Mahu Community Trading Post in Warkworth for their donation made recently for our work with children, young people and adults, who have suffered significant loss through death, divorce and separation, or any other loss that impacts significantly on their ability to live life well. Programmes are available through local schools or after school for children and young people and at a mutually agreed time for adults. The programme is nine weeks long of about an hour duration and focuses around the seasons of the year in a gentle, enabling, creative manner that enables participants to grow through grief. For further information, email

Jan Olsen, Kaipara Flats