Viewpoint – Summertime blues

I would like to thank Wellsford residents and ratepayers for the support that they have given me by using the Auckland Council complaints number system (CAS). I am concerned that the Wellsford town has a lot of private property and Council land that is overgrown, which is extremely dangerous at this time of year. 

The ground is dry and the demand for water is high. If these areas are not cleaned up, it only takes a cigarette or a discarded glass bottle in the grass and we potentially have a very ugly and expensive incident about to happen.

If you, as the owner, think Council should be doing something about this, then phone them. If Council tells you it is your responsibility and you don’t want to do it, then pay a contractor or Council to do it. This is cheap insurance, especially at this time of the year.

2017 in review

  • Auckland Transport roading – AT is starting to get our rural roading up to Health & Safety standards.
  • Healthy Waters has recognised that North Rodney has stormwater drainage issues. An investigation is complete and the best approach to upgrade will be decided this year.
  • Wellsford Sports Collective has gained momentum and is poised to take off   early in the New Year.
  • Greenways Programme is approved for Wellsford! Allison Roe is doing great    work to create new greenways and cycleways.
  • Watercare is planning a new wetland wastewater treatment plant near Wayby    Valley. While we applaud Watercare for commencing this, we can’t forget that    Wellsford’s infrastructure is over 50 years old and requires upgrading.
  • Wellsford is growing – A new subdivision, which is expected to have 80 to 100   houses, will be developed over the next three years.
  • Araparera Forestry Joint Venture – Greg Sayers and I will be working with    Auckland Council lawyers to help resolve this project this year.
  • Long Term Plan for Wellsford – This is the most important event for Wellsford for the next 10 years and will be consulted on in February/March. We encourage everyone to submit their ideas to Council so priorities for Wellsford’s growth can be established.

I would like to thank the various community groups for all their hard work and support during the year and I look forward to working closely with them again this year. Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous New Year.

Viewpoint - Rodney Local Board