Health – Don’t let Christmas be a turkey

With 2020 crashing on us like a wrecking ball, it’s no surprise that for some ‘being jolly’ these holidays might feel a bit of a stretch. But with health being on a lot of people’s minds, the added thought of Christmas just around the corner is motivating some to make it a good, and healthy, one.

It’s usually a busy time of year catching up with friends and family, so here are some holiday tips to make this seasonal celebrations more relaxed, less stressful and feel like an actually holiday and not a chore.

• Avoid over committing – it’s fantastic catching up with friends and family, especially as there have been times we’ve been unable to, but if you have a long list of people to visit, or staying with you; try to book out some ‘alone time’. Smaller doses make the times more special and will help keep you recharged and maintain lower stress levels. • Catching up with friends or family doesn’t have to cost the earth. Agree to spend time, not money. Plan outings on the beach or park with a few nibbles and some games. It’s really a time for making memories and sometimes the simplest experiences are the most memorable. Connecting with people in a positive setting has never been so important for us all. We live in a beautiful part of the country, so make the most of your backyard. Getting out and about with friends and family is also a great way to get some more movement into your everyday. • Ditch the screens for a day –or three. Have a social media break. It’s rarely uplifting, and those who want to truly connect can call or message you. Not only will you have more real time in your day, you’ll also be more present, have better energy and be happier with those who are around you. • Finally, try to find things to be thankful for. Yes you’ve heard this before, but it’s true that where focus goes, energy flows! This can be hard when times have been tough but if you can try to avoid focusing on the negatives or things going wrong in life, and shift your mind towards the things that are good in your life, it’ll make a huge difference in your mental health, how you feel and even change the direction life goes for the better. Positive thinking and positive self-talk goes a long way.

The holiday season is a time to celebrate. Having time for your self-care and your health should be part of that time too. Looking after yourself is not selfish –it’s essential. Taking time to focus on your needs will help those around you too. It can energise people and make them happier when you can bring optimism and positivity to the party – now go enjoy those celebrations!